Creating an invoice in the extension

Our service allows you to generate invoices to pay for an auction item according to a template, for this you need to open the page with the item and be authorized in the AuctionGate extension. In the Bills block click on the "New" button 


Next, in the window that pops up, you must fill in all the fields:


Name: Payer's name
Document number: the number of the payer's document that will be used to pay the invoice 
Account number: the number of auction account from which the lot was won
Amount Due: the amount that will be credited to the auction account to pay for the lot 

Once all fields are filled in, you must click on "Create", the account will be formed and the icon of the account will change 

Все созданные счета можно скачать следующими методами 

Method 1: Click on the "List" icon in the "Accounts" block 


Method 2: Click on the user menu and go to the "List of accounts" menu item 


Then in the pop-up window find the necessary account and go to it

Download an invoice in PDF format, click on the button "Make PDF" in the open invoice and then download it

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